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    Where do you want to live?

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      Welcome to Costa Life Properties, where passion meets expertise in the world of real estate. As a company founded by two friends with a deep love for the Costa del Sol, we bring 34 years of local knowledge, personalized service, and a commitment to helping you find your dream property in Estepona.

      Home Buying Guidance

      Our expert team provides personalized guidance throughout the home buying process. We'll help you navigate the market, find the right properties, and make informed decisions, ensuring a smooth and successful home purchase.

      Selling Strategy

      Our tailored selling strategies are designed to maximize the value of your property. We create a customized plan, market your home effectively, and negotiate on your behalf, ensuring you achieve the best results when selling your property.

      Property Appraisals

      Our experienced appraisers provide accurate property valuations. Whether you're buying or selling, our appraisals ensure fair pricing and help you make informed decisions in the real estate market.

      Real Estate Investment

      Explore real estate investment opportunities with us. Our experts will help you identify lucrative properties, assess risks, and develop a winning investment strategy to grow your portfolio.

      Property Management

      Our property management services ensure your investment is in safe hands. We handle tenant relations, maintenance, and property upkeep, allowing you to enjoy hassle-free ownership.

      Home Renovation

      Transform your living space with our home renovation and design services. Our skilled team brings your vision to life, enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your home to match your style.

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      Ready to find your dream home or sell your property? Contact us today, and experienced real estate experts will guide you on the path to owning your own home or a successful sale. Your new adventure starts with a simple click or phone call. Get in touch now!

      +34 641 900 844

      Calle Caridad, 5, 29680 Estepona, Málaga

      Do you want to sell your property?

      Thinking about selling your property? Look no further! We offer a range of expert services to help you navigate the process seamlessly. From market analysis to marketing strategies, our team is here to ensure your property gets the attention it deserves, making the selling experience smooth and rewarding.

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